P - Curiosity Lab

P-Curiosity LAB (PCL) is committed to ensuring a community-led transformation for rural communities across Africa, and this by providing inclusive, sustainable, and innovative services.

  • Key themes of the project:

P-Curiosity Lab is an innovation lab whose main mission is the development of inclusive, sustainable, and innovative services intended for the rural populations, by tackling various clusters namely: socio-economic development, sustainability, environmental health, access to energy, education, etc.

We think of innovation in 2 ways, provide innovative and radically inclusive, at the same time sustainable and generating economic value

How does it work?

  • The P-Curiosity Lab is based on a series of interrelated and interactive activities which aim at the implementation of an atmosphere of innovation and achievement of its internal mission.
  • The types of activities are research, data collection, analysis, and processing / the launch of challenges and calls for applications/incubation of idea-holders/facilitation to means of prototyping for idea-holders.

Application conditions

The selection conditions depend on the type of activities (challenges/program incubation) and theme.

In general, applicants should have:

  • An innovative idea that solves a real problem to the customer or responding to a market need
  • A value proposition that touches the rural area
  • An idea that fits into the themes of the PCL.

In general, they are selected in function of :

  • The relevance of the idea / The innovation / The maturity phase / The proposal for value / The growth potential on the market and the team.

Principal missions

  • Supporting start-up project leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs in their journey entrepreneurial
  • Valuing research results: we help researchers to transform ideas academic and technological solutions business
  • Meeting the challenges through social and community innovation, environmental, etc

Key targets

  • Idea-holders with value propositions serving the rural area (Ideation and Product phase Minimum Viable).
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Corporation, institutions, and foundations that seek to provide operational solutions to the challenges of rural populations
  • African start-ups with value propositions serving the rural area (Ideation and Product phase Minimum Viable).
  • International organizations
  • Researchers specializing in the development, socio-economic, sustainability, and environmental health
  • Universities