African Youth Climate Hub

AYCH incubation program provides Young African Climate Entrepreneurs with resources and tools to concretize and scale up their projects.

  • Key themes of the project: Climate-tech, soft mobility, climate literacy, industry 4.0

On a timespan of 6 months, AYCH Incubation program adopts a hands-on experience via a hybrid capacity building content. With three physical sprints and two virtual ones, AYCH incubation program promotes and support the creation of eco-friendly startups where respect for the Triple Bottom Line (i.e. TBL) is the backbone of their business models, carbon removal and sequestration technologies are at the core of their solutions. Decentralized between STARTGATE, the startups campus and Innovation Hub of Mohamed VI Polytechnic University at the heart of the Green city in Benguerir, and Hassan II international center for environmental training, AYCH incubation program offers a tailored curriculum mainly articulated around the targets of the Sustainable Development Goal number 13, Climate Action, in order to pave new paths for climate-positive start-ups to green emerging markets.

How does it work?

  • Strengthen the African ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship and the growth of startups
  • Reduce business risk by helping entrepreneurs to transform project ideas into technologies that solve climate issues
  • Play an important and multidimensional role in supporting new climate resilient and low carbon emission technologies to be developed, accepted, and used by society
  • Catalyze the development of more sustainable and inclusive societies